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Images Studios Grad 2019 Rock Star Search


We know you’ve got what it takes to be an Images Studios 2019 Grad Rock Star, you'll need to be a current grade eleven student (that's the class of Twenty19!)  You will have the opportunity to promote our studio within your class and tell all the other students about what we do and how we do it....

We are creating a different experience and product than what all the other basic grad contract photographers will give you. These are not cookie cutter 15min photo shoots. You won’t be treated as number or rushed because of back to back to back time slots. At Images Studios we see you as an individual with unique qualities which you will see reflected in your portraits.

As an Images Studios Grad Rock Star you will be the first in your class to have amazing senior grad portraits, tell your friends and others about your experience, and ask them to consider having Images Studios do THEIR senior grad portraits.

AND you will receive awesome incentives and discounts that your parents will LOVE.


What does a Grad Rock Star do.....?

You'll have your senior grad portraits created and put into an album with a huge variety of images, and then you will show your portraits to friends, and hand out personalized Rock Star referral cards featuring YOU to as many people in the class of 2019 as you can.

Your friends who sign up will get an exclusive offer that will save them $$ on their sessions and they will love you for introducing them to a studio that will give them the best creative senior grad portraits available!

Ok... everyone wants to know...

"What's in it for ME?!"

You'll be featured on our website, Facebook, Instagram and in our promotional print materials.

In addition, we’ll post your images so you can tag and share on your own Facebook and Instagram pages! You'll be a star, and all this will help you to earn referral credits which means CA$H back in your pocket!


Top reasons to become an Images Studios Grad Rock Star!

1. You'll have your senior grad portraits before everyone else...(and won't they be jealous!)

2. You get cool WIDESCREEN wallets to hand out to everyone!

3. You'll get a FREE FRIENDS session so you'll have pics of all your friends!

4. Your Mom will buy you new clothes because she is so happy to be saving $$ on your grad portraits! (but don’t quote us on that ;)

5. You'll get that extra special attention to detail in your session and the editing process that is exclusive to our Grad Rock Stars

6. One of our Rock Stars will WIN a scholarship, this could be YOU!!


Top reasons for parents to want you to become an Images Studios Grad Rock Star!


Most parents are interested in making sure they get a high quality, creative product, but want to save a few $$ as well... so being a Images Studios Grad Rock Star is good for mom and dad too!

Here’s a few dollar saving bonuses parents will get when you join our Grad Rock

Star program:

1. (75%) off of your portrait session.

2. You'll get a beautifully finished album for less than ½ price

3. Free artistic enhancements on the images you select for your album.

4. Earn extra $avings on your senior grad portraits throughout the year!

5. Peace of mind knowing your portraits will be done right and to your approval wait, not your approval but to your complete satisfaction!

6. You'll get your grad portraits done before our crazy fall/winter schedule!

7. Did I mention that your parents will SAVE MONEY?!


For each senior grad you refer to us who schedules and orders, you will receive a $25 photo credit towards your senior grad portrait purchase!

Your friend will also receive $25 off their order just for being your friend. We have had students in the past earn enough referral credits to make their own grad portraits absolutely FREE!

So get that application in today!!

Good Luck :)