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George Fraser

As a national award winning photographer and active member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, my passion for photography is as strong now as it was in the beginning over 25 years ago. I love portraying a family interacting in their favorite setting, seeing the portrait hang in their home and creating a lifetime of memories.  I also enjoy photographing senior grads and the exuberance they show for life, they keep me feeling young.  In my spare time I love to learn about, and teach yoga, this helps me remain grounded and live relatively stress free.

We know that most parents say tearful goodbyes to their children when they send them off to university or to travel the world.  They come back to visit, usually with a new partner in their lives and then marriage and children.  You get the odd visit on holidays because they’re now grown and off living their own lives, raising their families.

As parents you wonder how the time flew because you could swear your children that now have their own children were just babies themselves.  What you have left to comfort you along with your memories are all the photographs you took or had taken of them growing over the years and hopefully you don’t find yourself lacking or regretting not having taken enough. 

Working as a father daughter team we understand the value of family.  We are fortunate to have had the opportunity of working side by side and growing together artistically through the years.  It continues to remind us why our profession is so important; we capture beautiful moments in our client’s lives that they will treasure and hold dear.  Chronicling the milestones in a family from childhood on to graduation, the wedding and then the next generation is what we are privileged to do.

"Every image tells a story.  We love what we do and are excited about the possibilities of telling your story through photography."